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Recognized Degree is offering accredited and secure degrees for everyone.  It has its secure and confidential ordering terms to protect you against fake and fraudulent diploma mills.

This confidentiality contract covers all the transactions done especially you are making an order.

1. The client and any associated person agree in perpetuity never to reveal by act or omission of action directly or indirectly, that information could draw or could be construed as drawing a connection between Recognized Degree and the universities by any means.  This includes, but is not limited to publication in printed matter, books, magazines, journals, newspapers, television, radio, multimedia, internet, websites, Chat rooms, newsgroups, forums, usenet, telephone, mobile telephone, wireless protocol, fax or email.

2. Visitors of this site are not obliged to surrender any information such as emails or phone numbers unless the visitor voluntarily gives in this information. However, customers who are placing orders are required to leave an email address for communication and periodical announcements.

4.  The client agrees to hold this site not liable for any defects, errors, or other damages caused by the misuse of documents or performance provided by the client.  The client is responsible for any information shared and submitted to the website. Any violation and conditions done by the clients, this site has the right to terminate the services rendered to that client and any third party involved.

6.  In the event of a Breach of Contact, the Client, and any associated person forfeits the rights to privacy and approves to authorize this site to disclose any information to appropriate parties deemed necessary by the management of Recognized Degree.

7.  Once the client breaches the contract, and executes any act of bad faith such as not obeying the policies of the site, the client is liable to pay $200,000 as penalty.

8.  For client’s assurance, Recognized Degree  shall be responsible in maintaining a Surety Bond with a minimum value of $100,000.  This is equally shared and payable to this site and partners institutions in case this contract is breached.  The client responsible for the breach shall give utmost authority to this site  to surrender the files and any information available to the Surety Company.

9.  Recognized Degree shall maintain confidentiality all information from the client and shall not sell, rent, or disclose any information to parties not involved. In return, the client also agrees in perpetuity never to reveal any information, directly or indirectly.

10. Recognized Degree has the right to modify or revise all or some parts of this contract any time.  The client agrees to accept any modifications made with the intent of solidifying and strengthening this Confidentiality Contract.

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Accredited online college degrees: It’s impact to our career

The accredited online college degrees are one of the many ways for us to receive higher education. Getting an advance study is a pride to every one since it can help us get the higher position in the company plus the salary will also be raised. Getting an accredited online college degrees are really helpful when it comes to professional growth. Business owners nowadays want to have a well-secured business to keep their company going and competitive. Thus they prefer hiring and working with professionals with extensive skills that they can use to develop their business fast and successful.

There are actually lots of institution which can offer you courses that you might consider. But make sure that you are enrolling only ataccredited online college degrees. This will give you an assurance that you are learning quality education. Here’s the point, why settle for better if you ca have the best? Get accredited online college degrees and not just a degree that will end you up wasting money and effort.

Actually, there are two ways in which you can earn a degree. It is either online or offline. However because of the kind of life we are now living the online method of acquiring an education is the most preferred one. Thus looking for accredited online college degrees is not difficult for you to consider since there are hundreds of online courses that you can choose form. You just need to be sure that the institution is authentic and can offer the best of they can have to empower their students and produce quality graduates.

Many students who are getting accredited online college degrees are already professionals and are already working. But because of higher demands for employees who have higher education and skills those employees need to get additional courses and add their learning so that company won’t look after for other employees and just throw you off the gate. This is why accredited online college degrees are very important not to include that you can develop self-esteem.

Since accredited online college degrees pull many students due to its advantages many scam universities exist. The field is profitable, that’s the fact and that’s the main reason why people see this as the best option for business. So, people who are bad intentions make this as their chance to steal money from people who are aiming to develop their skills and have further education. These scam people are providing online courses that are not accredited by theUSdepartment of education. So, what will happen if you enroll with one of the scammed university? Of course, the course is not acknowledged and sub-standard.

For you to make sure that you are making the right choice, you can visit one of the six branches of department of education in US. You can then ask them if the particular school that you are enrolling and study have the accredited online college degrees. Through that you will then know if you are in the right path.

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