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Everyone wonders how an online degree works.  If you have questions, refer to our FAQs below:

Single colleges tend to be smaller while universities are bigger and better known. A college just offers a collection of degrees in one specific area while a university is a collection of colleges.

Based on the confidential agreement with the university, we cannot release the name of the university or college to you if you purchase a degree online. However, we guarantee that the degree is authentic, accredited, verifiable and legal. This is also to protect the privacy of our existing customers. We are 100% confident that our service is extremely secured

Yes, they are 100% legally accredited. They are either accredited by regional accredited agencies or international accredited agencies.

What are the factors to consider if I  buy an online degree, through distance learning, and mix mode degree

No. Verification can be done through phone or email. This is privacy reason and all the universities in the world enforce this privacy and confidential practices. It is because phone and email verification are not safe and any one can verify through email and phone. Universities need written verification method through fax and postal mail.

Yes, This is called “Retro-Active Graduation” this form of back-dating is difficult to arrange. It must be 18 years old for the person named on the degree. Under Retro-Active Graduation a degree can be dated any month from 1940 to the present day. If you require Retro-Active Gradation you simply select the month and year required from the drop down menu when you order.
 A degree could not be dated in the future. This is illegal.

Yes, of course. All the universities where you can purchase a degree online have an online presence which can range from an Alumni Association to Online Study Portal.

No, the choice of university is made by our education consultant based on your experience and information. It will also be based on your chosen degree and major. If you really want a reputable university, we suggest you to email us and ask for public universities degree. However, the price is different and slightly expensive if you purchase a degree online from chosen university

We offer our services to international customers without preference to any particular country. We guarantee that all universities we represent are legally formed and operating tertiary level institution in countries like USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, UK, Ireland,etc. If you purchase a degree online from us, you can earn degree from our linkages all over the world

Thousands of our customers purchase a degree online through us. We provide transcript, student records, reference letter, appreciation letter, acceptance letter and graduation letter. In addition, we can also offer lawyer certification and notarization. We can also provide graduation gown and hood We believe no other provider can do this.

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Online accredited degree: The benefits professionals and scholars can get

The online accredited degree is a degree that has a credible ranking coming from a university, colleges, or an institution that is reputable. Meaning to say, a particular institution that is providing an online accredited degree complies with the highest standard or follow the statutory laws that are being set and serves as guide in order to manage their online courses. An online accredited degree is supported by the course materials that the enrollees will look after before anything else like tuition fee and classroom set-up.

Online accredited degree also means that the course being offered is covered comprehensively. And these will be all transmitted to students that will be their main requirements in order to finish the entire course and can finally get their diploma. Before business degrees and engineering degrees are the only online accredited degree being offered online but later on it is already extended with lots of online accredited degree which allow students to choice from.

What is accreditation?

Actually, accreditation is a procedure that requires any online institution either a college or a university to present any lay all their programs on the table so that accreditors or evaluators can check all the components of the courses. The online accredited degree must follow the strict standard as stated by the department of education and if the institution has able to survive the evaluation, it is then mandated to continue receiving enrollees. This is how important online accredited degree to all the aspiring students. Do not just merely search then enroll, you must take time searching for those schools and try to weigh in if the quality program of the course not just good but better compared to other institution.

If the institution is accredited meaning to say that particular school is capable of producing quality students. Online accredited degree is something each and every student must be aimed for this will also define of how good they are once they finished the entire course program. And since they are products of an online accredited degree getting a job would not be too difficult for them. Having an online accredited degree can somehow give confidence to graduates.

Getting an online accredited degree is essential whether you enroll to earn a degree or just and additional studies. The government agencies as well as other important organizations are really in need of professionals with qualified education, skills, and experience which are relevant to the position they need. However, because of economic constraints many of these scholars together with other professionals are not anymore encouraged to take additional studies.

Fortunately, online accredited degree does a lot of work so that those professionals and scholars can gain access to institutions without having too much effort on their part. They don’t need to sacrifice regular work just to have further studies. Thus, while earning they are at the same time learning.

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