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Why do you need to get a degree? Simply because you want to achieve success. Now, you don’t need to worry because you can earn a degree anytime at a very affordable price.

Check Recognized Degree pricelist below:

Degree TypePrice
Associate DegreeUSD$ 290
Higher Diploma (Selected Major Only)USD$ 290
Bachelor DegreeUSD$ 290
Post Bachelor Diploma (Selected Major Only)USD$ 290
Professional Diploma (Selected Major Only)USD$ 190
Master DegreeUSD$ 390
Doctorate Degree (PHD)USD$ 490
Honorary Doctorate DegreeUSD$ 690
ProfessorshipUSD$ 790
Honorary ProfessorshipUSD$ 790
FellowshipUSD$ 790

Bachelor Degree


  • Duration and Credits : 4 years (120 credits)
  • Working Experience : 3 Years


Master Degree


  • Duration and Credits : 2 years (60 credits)
  • Working Experience : 4 Years


Doctorate Degree


  • Duration and Credits :  2 years (60 credits)
  • Working Experience :  2 Years


Honorary Doctorate


  • Duration and Credits : 2 years (60 credits)
  • Working Experience : 7 Years


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Online college degree program: Is it something to consider or not?

Are you planning to get further studies? What do you want consider, is it information system, education, nursing, business management, or accounting? These are just the five of the most in-demand online college degree program that you can find online. According to the Labor and Statistics Bureau, the masters and bachelors degree are common type of education students are aiming to enroll. This is because they believe that the higher education you can get the better job opportunity and salary you can earn. Well, this is true of course and anyone can agree to that.  The online college degree program is very popular over internet. People are really into getting it because it can improves the current way of living plus it can sustain the needs of their family.

The online college degree program is much affordable compared to offline or actual schooling. Imagine that when you are getting an education, like for example bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or even doctorate degree in an actual university. You sacrifice working hours just to attend classes. You sacrifice your paid hours just to go to school. That’s already lost of income. Second, you need to commute from work going to the university or college to study. Or even if you have your ow wheels you still need to buy fuel to drive. While on the other hand, if you consider online college degree program you don’t need to absent or stop working but rather you can still continue your usual routine while getting a degree. And the least thing you know you have already finished your entire online college degree program.

There are online college degree program which is very flexible when it comes to scheduling your classes. You can set your classes like for example right after work when you’re at home already. Thus, for those adult who are working they do’ need to get worried about being tired the whole day then attend classes during evening.  The university will give you an option if you want to enroll in entry level or you want to have an advancement course and join the 25% of those successful people in industry.

Let’s take this as an example. A graduate of accounting can have an average income of $43,000 while a person with master’s degree can at least have $46,000. So, can you imagine the difference? Why settle for good income opportunities if online college degree programcan help you to become richer? Education is continues process. Don’t stop there but go on and continue. Enrich yourself and be on top of the line among others. You can be best and not just better. Let online college degree program help you reach your goals in life.

Online college degree program understands your needs. And mind you, they exist for this purpose. Meaning to say, they are more than willing to help you to become successful. Enroll to any online college degree program and get a career! If you won’t be enrolling today then when you think is the right time?

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  • Duration and Credits : Not Apply
  • Working Experience : 7 Years


Honorary Professorship


  • Duration and Credits : Not Apply
    Working Experience : 10 Years